Download More RAM

Want to make your phone run faster ?

Want to add more RAM to your phone ?

How about downloading some RAM ?

or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Jokingly download RAM or fool your friends about RAM can be downloaded to their phones.

What users say about this

Such useful app, my device now is 100 times faster than before.
You should try too !
John Doe
I showed this to my friend and she bought it completely.
This app is such a fun way to prank your friends
Wanda Maximoff
The cool UI just makes you think this is real deal. But it's not, my imaginal wife got completely fooled
Tun Doan
このアプリケーションは非常に面白いです。 本当に好きです。
Park Seo

Millions have been fooled by this app
Why don't you use it to fool your friends too ?

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