Sleep as much as you want

Never be late ever again

What Allarm can do

Wake up to your favorite music

With LOUD volume and gradually increase over time to wake you up from your sweep dreams

Many off methods to help you fully awake from your sleep

Choose a way to help you fully wake up. Solve math, shake your device, scan QR code, draw pattern, answer fun questions, ... what ever suits you

Many options for you to customize your alarm

Customize your alarm how ever you see fit. Choose music, vibrate, snooze, Smart Wake, Mad alarm, . . . and many unique feature for you to discover

Digital night clock - your bedside buddy

Turn your alarm to a Digital Clock which helps you know current time, play music list, show weather forecast, battery status . . .

Daily news to start off your day

Kick off your new day with weather forecast, daily news around the world,your lucky number for today, daily horoscope, quotes, and facts . . .

Light, fast, intuitively designed for your basic needs

Especially well designed, user friendly UI

Turn your Android device into an alarm clock that plays your favorite tunes, a bedside clock with gorgeous themes, and a reliable daily helper perfect for every timing situation.

Digital night clock

Smart dismiss

Silently dismiss your alarm without disrupting you if you are already awake or in action.

Very useful for morning alarms.

Check out our work

Have an inside look at what Allarm has to offer

Light, Simple but Precise, Beautiful and Effective

Enjoy your sleep to the fullest.

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